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Sound Healing
Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson

Through my own personal healing journey I have used various modalities including sound healing, psychics, mediums, channelers, reiki healing, and other forms of energy healing modalities. I have and continue to heal from emotional and mental traumas that I was unaware existed in my subconsciousness. Through the course of healing and learning to help others heal I find it imperative that healers bring compassion and a sense of humor, which was something that was lacking in a lot of my own personal healing sessions with other healers. I felt the calling to become a healer and became a Reiki Master/Teacher & Sound Healer.

What is the name all about? Spiritual: relates to the human soul, as well the mystical of the unknown. Alchemy: is the process of turning a base metal into gold. Energy: is everything within & without ourselves. Transfigurations: is a process of changing into something better.

"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo" is my business tagline that is intended to make people laugh. It's a fun way to express what I do.

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