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I Help Others Find Their Gold

I practice Spiritual Alchemy.
Alchemy is the practice of taking a base metal & turning it into Gold.
Within each of us is a gift of pure gold.
That gift is what we are here to share with the world.

Julie Ann Guthrie Smulson

     Hello! Welcome to my website. I am thrilled that you found me! I enjoy helping people with what I do. Everything that I do is to help others learn and grow. My podcast is about various topics from healing modalities, psychic readings, teaching, and much more. My blog, books, and podcasts are avenues through which I share my own experiences about my healing and utilizing psychic abilities to help others grow by acknowledging themselves.

     Knowing thyself is to heal thyself and that is what I do to help people. I have been on the journey myself and know that this is a process of self-evolution and it does require a caring and compassionate healer to be able to sit without judgment and act as a channel for another human being. 
     Over the years I have learned different modalities that I am called to and I am always interested in exploring new topics and learning new modalities. I see modalities as tools in my toolbox and the more tools that I have in my toolbox the wider array of help I can offer my clients. Below you will find the modalities that I currently offer and short descriptions of what I utilize in my sessions. Also, below are links to my blog, books, and podcast, so that you can learn more about me, who I am, and what I do; because a couple of paragraphs just can't explain it all. Once you are ready to Book a Session with me - there's a button below that you can click to go to my Book a Session page. By the way, I also teach psychic development to individuals and groups.   


About my personal training:
I started with learning Reiki and quickly became a Reiki Master/Teacher. I desired to become a psychic and integrate my psychic skills into my Reiki sessions. I bought a book "Psychic Reiki", which is a wonderful book and to be honest, what I got out of this was that I needed to be patient and continue to practice my skills of sensing energy in the human body. I had done healing sessions with other healers in which I connected with some of my psychic abilities; which is mainly feeling, sensing, and seeing or visions. The more I practiced and built my confidence the more clear I could feel, sense, and see things. I developed a deeper interest in the emotional issues that caused physical issues in the body and found Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life". I studied her list of diseases and illnesses that stem from emotional causes. I practiced and studied this for a couple of years before I realized that I was a "Medical Medium" so to speak. "Medical Medium" is not an appropriate term, but it's one that people understand. I have shifted from using the term "Medical Medium" to using the term "Metaphysical Intuitive", which is a more appropriate term as I DO NOT diagnose or treat illnesses or diseases. I simply identify the emotional experiences that have become entrenched in the energetic anatomy of the human body. 
     I went into sound healing just to try a new type of modality. My first sound healing teacher Doug Parvin in Auburn California did an amazing job to engage and immersing his students in a fun learning environment as well as informative content. I later became an intuitive sound healer using crystal bowls, drums, and tuning forks. Today I mainly use my tuning forks as they are my favorite go-to, to move energy out of the human energetic field. I later studied sound healing and healing with a Vibroacoustic Sound Table with Chaz Pro in Vancouver Washington. My personal as well as professional experiences with sound healing attest that sounding healing is a very powerful modality.

     As my psychic development continued I spontaneously learned that I could remote view. I took an Akashic Records Channeling Certification Course with a healer that I had worked with as a client several times. As a practicing Akashic Records Channeler I started to realize that I had naturally integrated my remote viewing into my Akashic Records Channeling. I had finally psychically connected to my Oracle cards rather than reading cards for their prescribed meaning and doing free readings online I was asked to tap into paranormal activity viewers were having, so this is something that helped me practice my remote viewing skills, so my remote viewing abilities are there for me to view situations and experiences that my clients to possibly bring to their awareness a different perspective that has impacted them in their lives or to confirm or validate a client's experiences. In the process, I also became a medium and have worked with people and past-lives. I have areas of interest that I would like to explore and add more tools to my toolbox to enrich my life and more importantly to help others connect to their own divinity and purpose.

Master/Teacher Usui Reiki

Reiki energy is the life force energy that passes through me - a channel to my client. Being a Reiki Master/Teacher allows me to teach and attune students with Reiki.


I have multiple psychic abilities, but in regards to this it means that I have the an intuitive insight in regards to others and situations. 

Yung Pueblo

Akashic Records Channeler

These are the energetic records of all time & space. Help identify purpose, resolve issues, and bring awareness. I also can tap into Pastlives and current blockages. 

Yung Pueblo

Intuitive Sound Healer

I currently use tuning forks as my go to sound healing equipment. Tuning forks are a very powerful tool in energy healing and clearing of old stagnet energies.

Yung Pueblo


Talking to those that have passed away. Helps bring closure and healing to those that have lost a loved one. 

Yung Pueblo

Remote Viewer

My remote viewing skills came to me in a Reiki session spontaneously. I use my remote viewing in paranormal investigations, psychic readings, card readings, and Akashic Records Channeling. 

Yung Pueblo

Metaphysical Healer

Also known as Medical Intuitive or Medical Medium. These sessions are used to scan body for emotional energy that may be causing physical issues in the body.

Yung Pueblo

Oracle Card Reader

I am psychically connected to my Oracle cards that are a divination tool that helps me guide others in their current life situations. 

Yung Pueblo

Paranormal Investigator

I am not your typical Paranormal Investigator as I mainly use my remote viewing, psychic, and mediumship skills to help my team "The Paranormal Investigators of the South" on their investigations in Tennessee while I stream live with them from California. 

Yung Pueblo

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

Yung Pueblo

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