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"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo"

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"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo!"

     In early 2020 I realized that "The Theory of 8" contained "conspiracy theory" material. I had decided that I needed to join "conspiracy theory" Facebook groups, because these people would be potential buyers of my book. One day I was responding to a post that asked if "Are the Freemasons an International Pedophile Ring?" I responded having been taken to two rituals as an eight year old. Another group member saw my post and contacted me about becoming a guest on his podcast.

     This encounter led me to think about starting my own podcast. Covid-19 had forced me to get creative with my business (Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations LLC). I had opened an office a few months prior to the outbreak. Before opening my office, I had the vision and intention to have other healers work and teach others out of my office space. I knew that having other healers work out of my space wasn't going to happen until the outbreak was over. Starting the podcast seemed to be a brilliant idea to keep my vision going. The past few months have been an amazing ride with meeting new and interesting people that share what they do to bring light to the world. 

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