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Channeling Blog & Sketching Visions of Readings

Channeling Blog? Wait, what?

Ah, a New Year, and with it new experiences of stepping outside our comfort zone. Starting a blog has been on my list of things to do, but somehow just haven't done it. A blog requires dedication and commitment and more importantly something of interest to me as well as others. My most recent experiences with writing "The Theory of 8" have been using my psychic abilities as well as utilizing the psychic skills of others I used in unraveling the mysteries of my past lives and how they are related to me in this lifetime. So, I have decided to start blogging my own channeling sessions on various topics, historical and archeological mysteries, and perhaps requests from my readers. Doesn't this sound fun? I think so and I think that this is something I could actually do on a consistent basis! And Sketching Visions of Readings? Yup. On another note did you know I am an artist that needs some practice? A lot of practice. For years I have wanted to be able to take what I envision and bring it to life on paper. It's been a while since my days of art class warm-up sketches with soft black charcoal. Now that I have a lot of visions and see visions in most of my readings I think it's really time I do this, so I am going to commit myself to go LIVE on at least my personal Facebook Page (or I may float around on my channels) to do sketches of the visions I get from my readings. What do you think about that? Sounds pretty cool? I think so!

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