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Channeling The Akashic Records of Humanity for “The Theory of 8”

What are Akashic Records? Akashic Records are energetic records of all time, space, events, and experiences, of the past, present, and future. Each of us has our own Akashic Records. Everything is energy, so all energy has Akashic Records because they are energetic records.

This video is from one of my last classes in 2021 with my Akashic Record teacher Alissa Zech. We simultaneously channeled the records of humanity. “What went wrong in humanity?” I was looking for answers about humanity and how it was related to the personal investigation that I had been doing about my life and two past lives — specifically the lifetime I shared with Gilgamesh and Ishtar.

This is pretty wild. A source from outside this universe system came here to manipulate humanity to source their human energy among other things. We have been waiting for the aliens to make contact and they have been here a little while, hmmm?

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