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Channeling: The Emerald Tablets

I had a conversation with a friend last week and they brought up The Emerald Tablets. She said she had thought of me because she knew my next book The Theory of 8's connection with Ishtar. I thought was an interesting topic since I don't know what The Emerald Tablets are and the history behind that I was thinking of things to Channel in my blogs as on the same day I had written a post announcing that I would be Channeling some of my blogs. Well, here we are. I haven't done any research on these Tablets whatsoever yet, so this will be really interesting to channel and then go research to see if anything aligns. Before I started my channeling session I chose to write a series of questions. I chose to write some questions that are geared toward my book content. My book is a non-fiction account of my investigation of unraveling some of my soul's history in particular two past lives one as Enkidu from "The Epic of Gilgamesh" and another in which I was a political activist and revolutionary Thomas Paine. Early on in my investigation, it centered around Ishtar and Gilgamesh, and Enkidu writing code that energy exchanges from the Earth to an outside source. Enkidu discovers that the code that was going to be used was going to be used to manipulate the Earth's Matrix, specifically the 8th Dimension - from my perspective I call this the dimension where all other dimensions exist. So, I as Enkidu start writing bogus code for Gilgamesh to give to Ishtar. These shady characters in particular Ishtar and her cults wanted to control and manipulate the 8th Dimension. There are other shady things going down back then in Babylon. As Enkidu, I was going to spread the word about what was going on. The powers falsely accused me, Enkidu of some murders and in turn, burned Enkidu at the stake. This wasn't for killing the bull of heaven, but because Enkidu was going to tell everybody what they were doing. And one last tidbit of information is that some of the souls that took part in all of this are in this lifetime with me today. And what is most relevant is that my mother is the incarnation of the Goddess Ishtar. In my version of the story she is the villain - she is the goddess of war and destruction that wears a mask of creation, love, and fertility. My story is still unraveling. One last note here is that I held hands with the incarnation of Gilgamesh and had an experience of seeing visions of the Matrix of Creation in my mind's eye. Btw he's still kind of my best friend. A shitty best friend, but my best friend I love. The Channeling Session Who and how were these tablets created? These came from an ancient source of creation of the creator - the flashing point of light point creation of existence. How existence was intended to be by the light. Who used the tablets? Many have used these tablets over many existences to create other existences. To replicate similar systems of existence. There are energetic resources of these in existence throughout many dimensions of time and space. In essence, what is in these tablets has been used by other beings in other reality systems. Though it seems that some of what is in these particular tablets comes with distortions. As though the integrity of the things that are created from these are not of sound integrity. What is the purpose of these tablets? These are used to manipulate creation or simulate creation for the intended user. I am getting that this particular set contains something of a mirror effect that is intended to look one way if you look at it and see a reflection it shows you what you want to see, but there's an alternate reality going on behind it which is the true reflection. It's not a true mirror. It's like a love spell cast to mask reality. There are about three pieces that I would refer to as paragraphs in this portion closer to the end of the inscriptions on the tablet it is describing some sort of law, consequences, rules, and/or instructions, a spell incantation in which to manifest the desired outcome for the user. These written tablets seem to have been altered at some point and are not the original. There are many copies of this in various forms from papyrus, clay tablets, diagrams, rock formations, and energetic copies. I do see Ishtar with these, but she is using clay tablets maybe papyrus, but she does have various people helping her with this as though they were channeling the information and writing it down. The channeled information was put together and tested by Ishtar herself. Later the information was put on the crystal to honor Ishtar and the work that was done. Do these tablets contain codes?

Yes. There are also maps and positions. I am seeing a place like a cavern system that appears to be an underground maze or stone. I see a figure that appears to be upside down and falling downwards. There are markings on the walls of these cave mazes of stone walls. There are small chambers in which Ishtar would sit and go into a trance, and pray. As she did this some sort of energetic alchemy is going on. I see some different colors of light like lightning gently whipping from her. If I am seeing through her eyes - I am peering into the darkness of her mind's eye. Some of these codes are vocal notes and/or chants.

Do the codes need to be broken in order to understand the message?

This information exists in other formats here on Earth, not exact but similar. This is light code and in order to understand light code requires higher knowledge and understanding of sacred geometry and systematic layering and sequencing that's embedded in the universe. Some of these occurrences do not seem to be beneficial - I would consider them to be a blockage of negative energy. The places where these are embedded seem to be places of much suffering. Ooh, so I checked a couple of sites and I surmise it's similar to the description of my channeling. Not necessarily exactly what is said online, but similar. Click here for a translation of the script.

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