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Part 1: First 3 Sections of Page 1

The Voynich Manuscript is something that has intrigued me and many others around the world. Professional codebreakers have not been able to decipher this 15th-century manuscript decorated with illustrations of plants of unknown origins, naked women, and astronomical and astrological drawings.

The Voynich Manuscript was named after the antique bookseller Wilfrid M. Voynich who acquired it in 1912. The previous owners are said to have been various alchemists, including 16th-century Emperor Rudolph II of Germany who believed that English philosopher Roger Bacon was the author of the manuscript.

This will manuscript may take some time and effort to channel as it is 208 pages, so I will try to do this on a weekly basis in my blog.

I will use the manuscript itself to look with my physical eyes, which is not something I normally do while channeling as most of the time I am using my third eye vision. I will attempt to channel each section, so that I may try to give some idea of the codex used to write the manuscript. I will also ask questions such as who wrote the manuscript when and where it was written, and the purpose it might serve.

First paragraph: There’s not enough time to write everything that I would like to write down and leave here. This is an obstinant and precipitous time in the world. I would have liked to deliver this in my voice in front of others, but it would have not been received in a fair-minded way by those that would have been in my presence. Most of which would have been stoggy old men that haven’t gotten a clue. For that reason, it is that I have decided to write this down so that one day this writing will be found and the soil will be (I smell freshly unearthed rich soil.) fustigated with new growth for a future population.

Second paragraph: There shouldn’t be any prejudices of any particular sort in this world that should keep these items or words from being used. As these should be used by all and with good reason.

Third paragraph: There are perhaps too many that may find that this is just another ridiculous book about the properties of medicines that are shunned. This is my attempt to show that there are aptitudes of plant species that in their dissected form can be prepared to serve higher purposes with humans and nature and that is what we call the wind. As in my experiences these have proven to be used by ladies of distinction who they have raved about their effectiveness so much that they wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but have been gracious enough to keep it private and only within their own divine circles of trust.

I have spent most of my time tending to the soil with these plants and testing them and infusing them with the qualities that should not be misunderstood nor mistreated or dismissed too quickly. I took much pleasure in my work here.

End of First Channeling of Vonyich Manuscript

More information about the Voynich Manuscript:

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