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Could Psychic Powers Be Our Connection to the Divine?

I believe at some point in history we were told not to use our psychic abilities and over time the majority of humanity has come to believe that psychic powers do not exist. I believe that everybody is psychic and has abilities to do things and experience life in ways that they haven’t before.

Why has humanity come to believe that psychic powers aren’t real? Is it because we believe what we are told by science, government, schools, our religions, and our families? Perhaps we have been told that psychic powers aren’t real so we won’t try to use them because if we did we would become excessively powerful in our lives. Has this collective agreement been the setback in humanity's growth? Perhaps this psychic connection is our natural state and our most sacred communication with the divine. Have we as a society denied our own direct connection with the divine because we have denied our own psychic powers?

I believe that every single person in humanity needs to examine this for themselves. Is it true or false? How can a person say that this doesn’t exist if they have never really tried developing their own psychic senses and abilities? How can it be said that psychic powers absolutely don’t exist? Is this because science and technology haven’t been able to conclusively prove and measure psychic powers? What if in 10 years we have the equipment and ability to actually prove that psychic powers are real and that they can be developed to be very accurate? What would happen at that point — the whole world would believe that we are all psychic?

Trust me I was and at times I am skeptical of others' psychic abilities and of my own. I am in disbelief that I am able to ascertain information about complete strangers with only my psychic powers — no background checks, no internet searches, no pictures, no nothing, but tapping into a person's energy and reading it with my psychic senses. I prefer to do my work completely cold meaning that I don’t want any information or questions prior to a reading or a session with somebody, because I want my work to be completely authentic psychic information — not from any type of information that I was given prior. I practice being a clear channel without judgment and prejudice in the information that I receive — it’s hard to do as a human filter, but nonetheless I do explain this to my clients that I try to share clear information. I receive visions that may not be for me to decipher. These visions may be for my clients to decipher in their own way and I am only to describe the vision. Other times my other senses will provide more information that can be translated or interpreted with a message.

I have been psychic all of my life but didn’t practice or really develop my skills until I was in my late forties and early fifties that I chose to develop my psychic skills. Practicing is key to developing your skills. I also believe that personal growth, development, and healing are just as important in becoming psychic and being more open to being an open channel and receiver. Developing these skills takes some time too, so this isn’t something you can hop out of bed in the morning and say I am going to become psychic today, and then tomorrow I will start doing psychic readings. Well, I am not going to say that isn’t possible, but it’s highly unlikely. This is about understanding ourselves better and questioning what we have previously been taught or what we may hold as truth. This includes preconceived ideas and judgments about ourselves and the world we live in.

In my personal experience the more I expanded my own mind with knowledge and understanding — the more open I became as a channel. Not just as a channel, but my channels or different abilities would open up. Just being open can be a process, because it takes quieting the mind and body and allowing you to extend your senses to pick up other information it’s not tuned into receiving and processing information through these channels. We are born with these and these are our true nature that is connected to our own divinity and the almighty divinity, but if we appear to exhibit these they are shunned or not treated as normal. Has this practice of fitting in and being normal shut off our divine knowledge and connection to the divine? Has humanity shut themselves off from the divine and their own divinity by shutting down their own ability to communicate via psychic abilities? I have to say that I have felt more love and bliss using my psychic abilities to do readings where love is being sent to clients or whomever I may do a reading for. I never knew or felt that kind of love before. It’s what I call unconditional love that comes from the divine source. I never felt that sort of love in any of my relationships, having sex, drinking or doing drugs, or even in prayer. This happened on occasion and it is something you will know is real when you experience it. This is something that is of the divine and everybody is capable of tapping into and feeling it. I do believe that our psychic abilities help us bridge the illusion between Heaven and Earth. I do feel that every human on Earth should be open to learning and developing their psychic abilities in order to have a deeper relationship and connection with the divine.

What say you?

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