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Decoding & Channeling Zeppelin

I feel it is time to decode Zeppelin and how it's related to my story in my upcoming book "The Theory of 8". This may come out really messy and fragmented - no more thinking about it - it's all happening now. It's way overdue. I wanted this to be done in a film format, but that takes a lot of capital resources, so this is going to have to do for now. Maybe someday it will be made into a feature film.

As I have been uncovering my story I realized that I somehow have a deeper connection to Zeppelin than just being a fan. There's always been a rumor or mysticism surrounding some sort of code being embedded in the artwork of their album covers. Many have tried to decode their work, but I seem to have a personal connection and understanding of this for some reason. I don't completely understand why or how. At the end of January 2020, I had been sitting in my office and trying to write my book "The Theory of 8". As I did this I had my television on playing Zeppelin and listening to it. I began to get downloads and psychic hits from the artwork and lyrics. This went on for about three days. It was three strange days. I did not know these were downloads. I really thought I was going crazy. After the third day, I decided that I had to swear off Zeppelin for a while. I needed to feel grounded and all these downloads made me feel nervous. A couple of months later I had a session with a medium and my question was "Do the songs have any other meaning than the code?" He had no idea what I am talking about, but comes back to me and says, "I heard two do. I feel like one specific to a person. So one of the songs feels specific to a person, I guess a specific person trying to get through to you. But what I heard was two of them do, so I would say yes. One, I just feel somebody is trying to tell you they love you. In one of them. That's the message I hear from every one of them. That feels like something that's been happening to you for a really long time. We always heard Have you always heard messages and songs for a long time?" It had been happening for a very long time and one of those songs had been "Stairway to Heaven". This medium has no idea what songs or band nor does he really understand my work or even my recent experiences I had in my office with these downloads and feeling crazy. He continues on with my reading and says, "So, what I will say is that I do feel like you are getting these messages. They are real. I'm supposed to tell you yes. Okay, yes. You're not going crazy. This is really happening and you're really getting this stuff. Yes. Understand? Okay, So I'm going to tell you one more thing I want to tell you he's gonna be okay. So I don't know who he is. But just to tell you he's going to be okay. Or he is okay? So I don't know who he is, but they want me to tell you he's going to be okay." Well, at least this medium's reading helped me realize nope I am not going crazy and that I really am getting the messages that I thought I was getting. I still don't know who the medium is referring to as "he" in this reading. I am only assuming it is my ex-boyfriend that is connected to my story. I have a lot of questions surrounding why all of this is present in my life and why would Zeppelin code their artwork and lyrics if they didn't want somebody to decode it. Were they wanting somebody to decode it? Is the only way that they can tell this story to code in their work until the right person comes along to do this? Were they waiting for me to decode it? Did they know that I would decode it? Did they know that I would make the connections? Do they really want this story told or were they just being cheeky? I tell you what - they absolutely wanted somebody to decode this story or they wouldn't have put all these coded messages into their work.

This may take a while to do, but I will take my time to do this because it's important to me to do and share with the collective. There are still pieces that are unclear to me and as time goes on the meanings of the coding may become more clear and/or I may find additional coding that I wasn't aware of previously or perhaps the meanings will not be what I thought they were. And in the lyrics of "Stairway to Heaven", "But she wants to be sure

'Cause you know, sometimes words have two meanings".

This story isn't just about the coding of Zeppelin or me and my life it is about you and humanity and the stories that haven't been told. The true stories of what's been hidden in the dark will be revealed.


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