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Divine Timing: The Unfound Treasures:"All Will Be Revealed"

The story of my soul's existence, the past, the present, and the future of my soul has been channeled by others before I had an inkling to channel it for myself. It's a very old story as I am a very old soul. Over the past three years, I started unraveling a sorted tale of my life now and two previous lifetimes as well as dual existences within one timeline. It started with a question that came out of an astrological reading. "What happened to you when you were 8 years old?" It's a question that has not yet been fully answered for me and what parts I do have I do not have concrete proof or undeniable validation of what I have found.

I started writing a book in 2019 called "The Theory of 8" in which I give accounts of unraveling my soul's truth. As Led Zeppelin puts it in their song Stairway to Heaven "And as we wind on down the road, our shadows are taller than our soul". That's the truth, especially in my case when on this road I found that I have been some of the most epic characters and lived the wildest lifetimes. I came to learn that I had been Enkidu from the "Epic of Gilgamesh" and the author and revolutionary Thomas Paine. In "The Theory of 8", I share my experiences of how I came to understand this and how I received the information. I also recently discovered that souls can split and can live simultaneous lives within one time period. And later discovered that I was not just Enkidu, but I was also Gilgamesh. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that I was also Ishtar. I shudder at the thought of this because in my story Ishtar is very bitter and hurt from being rejected. I fear it to be true that she is the reason I had to write this book. She is at least part of this story.

In this personal investigation, I also learned about my life purpose - one that I have grappled with over the past couple of years having to share this story and expose the truth, my truth to the world in this book. Every time I revealed another piece of this story the more unbelievable it sounded to me and I felt fear of having to present all this crazy talk in public. Then there are many people in this world that do not want this story told at all. They do not want the truth exposed, because these are the ones that want YOU to continue believing the lies that have been believed for thousands of years to control and manipulate the masses. Do you want to know the truth? Does humanity want to know the truth about itself? Perhaps the universe? Would you prefer the story that you are used to and comfortable with? I had thoughts of how would the world receive this message and it made me very uncomfortable, because first off I would be rejected by some by others I would be received, but either way, I knew the human mind would need to or at least desire to have physical proof of what I shared in my book. The healing part of this and the previous lifetimes is me telling my story, pushing through the fear of the possibility of being rejected, and whatever the outcome is, being okay with it.

The desire to have proof was and is very important to me. It will validate my story to me. It will validate my story to many others too. On the off chance that there was proof of any kind, I went to the Akashic Records and asked if there was any physical proof of any kind that has not yet been found. Well, hot damn. Why, yes there is physical proof that I call unfound hidden treasures which support my lifetime in Babylon as Gilgamesh and Enkidu and also that of my life as Thomas Paine. There are four separate locations and as of right now, these are at this time very generalized locations. The contents are of great historic value.

The first location in the United States connected to Thomas Paine includes a sword, a couple of small pieces of the 1792 French Royal Crown Jewels, and a letter from Napoleon to Paine. The second location, also in the United States contains multiple hidden journals that he wrote before 1787 and would have been part of his last work "On the Origins of Freemasonry". The third location is in the United Kingdom and contains a small item that may be more important than it seems to be when found. Possibly an item the world has had a question about for a few thousand years.

The fourth and final location is related to Gilgamesh and Enkidu and is in Europe. If my investigation is correct this location is a cave and is also known as the Cave of Treasures connected to Adam and Eve. It would be the motherlode - the cache of truth and understanding. All will be revealed in divine timing.

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