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How I Use Remote Viewing in My Healing Work

I am a Reiki Master Teacher that has is a self-taught intuitive psychic and I am a highly sensitive empath. I have studied and integrated the work of Louise Hays into my practices. Specifically the emotional causes of physical symptoms in the body, which has allowed me to pick up the daily situations that are patterns of behavior and thinking that are tied to the body and emotions. I utilize remote viewing to view the past and present experiences that are impacting people and their bodies.

I also utilize my remote viewing to help bring people clarity in my Akashic Records Channeling sessions. I like to work cold meaning that I don’t want or need my clients to tell me anything before a session. They bring their questions about their experiences. I have had some of the most bizarre and cool experiences with my clients. Some have interactions with aliens, astral traveling, dreams, past lives, life purpose, current path, relationships, and others have questions about their childhood experiences. I will describe what I see, feel, or sense to them, and most often these descriptions will match up to things that they have experienced or seen themselves. Most often we ask more questions about these things so that clients get some clarity and validation of why this is going on or happened. It does seem to bring peace to those that have had long unanswered questions.

I also use remote viewing in my channeling work. My channeling work is to get more information about a place, event, object, relationship, or situation. This is a little bit more difficult to validate at times because it’s different than having a client in front of you that is confirming the information. Yet I do believe much of what I have seen in my remote viewing and channeling is true or at least in general there is truth in it.

Lastly, I use remote viewing to view the paranormal. This one is more fun and to practice my skills. I find it very interesting to be able to see multiple time periods of paranormal activity happening or interacting with a ghost thousands of miles away. I pick up historical things from these adventures such as what happened at the location and with the people that had once inhabited a particular home or worked at a location. I suppose that this would be a combination of remote viewing and channeling and other psychic abilities at work rather than just remote viewing. To me, this is like watching a clip of an old silent movie unless, of course, I am able to communicate with some of the unseen inhabitants to ask them questions or allow them to tell me more information that they want to communicate to me.

If you are ever interested in having me do an Akashic Records Channeling session. I do bring all of my psychic skills and practices to these sessions. I prefer my clients to prepare a few dozen questions to bring to the session. I generally spend two to three hours with them on a video meeting that I record and send to my clients to be able to review at a later date. If you are interested in booking a session — you can contact me by email or social media messenger.

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