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Psychic Senses and Channeling Energy

11ish/12ish year old Julie typing.

Psychic channeling ultimately is the ability to tap into an energy stream of information and receive it through the psychic senses. Each channeler may tap into the same stream of energy that has the same information in it. Each channeler's psychic senses operate differently, as a channeler receives that information it is through that filter or lens if you will that you will receive information. Channelers use their own deciphering and their own perception in order to translate and communicate the information. The clear a channel you have that has no judgment, bias, or any other perceptual hindrances the clear the messages you receive. Asking clear and precise questions from someone that is receiving the message helps the channeler to know that they are on the right path so that they are able to tap into further information. Well, at least I know that is how it works for me. I formally took training in Akashic Records Channeling, which took a few months. Now that I look back on this I do understand that I have been channeling for a long while - possibly my whole life. Since the formal training, I continually work on honing and expanding my skills. So, what's it like for me to channel? Let's start by talking about my abilities. Everyone has different volumes and receiver channels open. Everybody is able to develop their abilities because we are all born with them. My most highly sensitive psychic senses - I am clairsentient, which means I feel and sense. I usually refer to this as being an empath. I'm not just an empath - I am a highly sensitive empath which means I FEEL the gamut of emotional and physical feelings. I feel situations and experiences. I feel the story of what I am tapping into. I am sensitive to what people say and how people say things. I am sensitive to music and lyrics. I literally feel it in my body and my emotions. I can feel someone's body's feelings by just thinking about them. If I see a picture too - including haunted items. I am also claircognizant which means I know, I know, but I don't know how I know I just know. Do you know what I mean? This probably has something to do with being highly empathic or along the same frequency of energy.

Then comes clairvoyance, which is the ability to see things past, present, and future. I probably see a lot more than I convey in my readings. This one has become interesting because I can also remote view the past, present, and future. It may be the same thing, but a little more developed along one frequency of energy. I also can remote view the paranormal - like ghosts, entities, and things that happened over periods of time at locations around the world. I also use this ability or I would call it the same ability to read pictures. One time while viewing some paranormal pictures I would use my physical eyes and my mind's eye off and on while also using my other senses - I shit you not I saw the ghosts and entities move just like the pictures from the Harry Potter movies where you see the people in the picture waving. I think what happened during this experience is that I was looking at the picture with my third eye to see but I also tapped into my remote viewing at the same time, so it would make sense to have that experience. I would call remote viewing astral projecting while awake because it's possible to travel to different dimensions and reality systems while remote viewing. For me, these look like little movie clips playing of different time periods of what has occurred at a particular location over a period of time from hundreds to thousands of years apart. I am clairaudient as well, but this is one of my underdeveloped skills compared to the others. This is not always audible to me through my physical ears - more often it's more of a voice I hear in my head. This has been interesting because I am a medium too. I will have had friends and curiously enough dead celebrities come into my energy to say something to me. One of my dead friends got into my energy nudged me, got really close to me, and whispered in my ear that it was his birthday that day. I had to go check that and sure enough, it was his birthday. He wanted me to wish him happy birthday in a Facebook post. I have experienced Clairgustance (tasting) and Clairolfactance (smelling). I know people that use these abilities in their work and I am not sure if these are ones that I want to develop. My experiences with these two came were like having supersonic taste buds and overactive sensitivity to scents and each respectively had a person or situation attached to the experience. I use all of my senses to channel messages, places, experiences, information, and answers for myself and others. Channeling does serve a purpose and that is to be of service greater good of humanity. What more would you like to know? About psychic abilities? I do intend to go further in-depth with some of my experiences and explorations using my abilities.

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