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Remote Viewing the Paranormal!

Who Knew it was a Thing? A Thing I Would Love To Do.

I didn’t even know that remote viewing the paranormal was a thing. One morning back in 2020 I was doing a distance Reiki session for somebody that I had gone to high school with. I was working on my pillow person I set up in lieu of having my clients in person and as I was working on them I was getting glimpses of them, and their movements, and I felt the emotions they had at the moment. I was a little freaked out because I didn’t try this on purpose. I think I may have subconsciously thought about seeing my client.

A year later I started doing psychic readings with another psychic on my podcast. There were a couple of occasions when there were viewers that wanted to know what was going on with the ghosts and paranormal activity in their homes. This psychic and I tapped into the energy. These locations were thousands of miles away from us. I got up close and with some of these ghosts. I psychically communicated with some of them as well as guiding some of the willing ghosts to the other side. I thought it was pretty cool to do on my podcast but never thought that it would become one of my favorite things to do.

One of my podcast viewers contacted me to see if I was willing to do an investigation with her and her team The Paranormal Investigators of the South. I had my reservations, but oh my gosh I had so much fun remote viewing from Reno Nevada to Tennessee where the team would investigate onsite. My first “formal” investigation with the team was an old building that used to have a business housed in it. I couldn’t make sense of it but kept seeing what I called a seaweed man because this person was wearing something that looked like a seaweed outfit. This was a really fun investigation for me to be able to really stretch out and use my abilities in this capacity.

These investigations are nothing like the so-called “reality” ghost television shows where things are so sensationalized. Yes, there have been times that I wasn’t just concerned about those on site, but also myself watching from a distance. My team has walked out with scratches and got touched by things. I have had entities show up at my place. We take precautions to protect ourselves before, during, and after these investigations so that we are not harmed.

I really enjoy remote viewing the paranormal and locations.

The following are links to some of the investigations I have done with The Paranormal Investigators of the South:

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