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The Hidden Family Secrets of Humanity


Why I have to heal my past lives as Enkidu and Thomas Paine because those lifetimes are a reflection of the sinister things that happened to me as a child. Enkidu was sexually abused in the temples of Ishtar and used as a whore and used in rituals. Thomas Paine was investigating all of it and where it was in society at the time. It is the story of the victims of child sexual prostitution and pornography that I endured as a child. Things that I have been working on healing and continue to work on healing. This is the final trilogy of the story of these lifetimes. My story is that of similar victims like those of Epstein and Epstein Island. That’s really what is at the root of my story. I am not the only victim. I am the crazy MF er that has been digging deep into my own horrific garbage to bring my story to the surface to bring attention to what has been going on for centuries. It’s not just about an ex-boyfriend that was once Gilgamesh — these are the only vehicles in which he and I chose to bring this to the world’s attention so that we can all work together to stop these horrific acts of violence toward children. That’s the real story here. Carry on.

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