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The Theory of 8 is About All of Us

A personal investigation turned out to be bigger than healing me. It turned out to be about healing humanity. It involves unearthing the truths of what happened in our history. This goes back to the times of Babylon. In my investigation, I realized that I was Enkidu and when I died in that lifetime I was a sacrifice for Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh showed up at my execution and vowed to help me reveal the truth about what had been going on in that lifetime. He had treasures that would help in the future, to tell the truth. These treasures are ancient and they have NOT been found. That’s the way it has had to stay until the time came that ALL could be revealed.

I had another attempt to reveal these truths when I turned up again — interestingly enough at another time when the creation of a new civilizations foundation was being built in the United States. I lived as Thomas Paine. As Paine, I kept journals of investigations of the people there at that time. Paine wrote down what he saw, what he knew, what he thought, and what he believed was going on with these people. He witnessed and experienced things that he most likely never spoke or wrote about. He was waiting to write a full expose on all of it. He began his writing with “On the origin of free-masonry” which was published after his death. His journals were going to be used to write more on the topic. He never got the chance.

There is a connection here between these two lives and my current lifetime is the people that killed Enkidu were part of a cult. That cult is the same cult that was present during the construction of the United States Constitution and the same cult that used me in rituals as a child in this lifetime.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, this story has to be EPIC and the characters have to be epic and significant so that people might listen up. Are you listening? This is about reincarnation of the soul. My soul made a vow to humanity. I made this sacred vow as Enkidu. Gilgamesh and Enkidu knew that humanity would need to have physical evidence in order to believe such a wild story. They knew that in order for the people to believe a story that is so sinister and evil about humanity and its foundational structures and organizations have gotten away with they would have to leave behind some proof some physical evidence. Paine knew this too, but his intention was to do so with his writing. He had intentions of retrieving his journals and bringing it all to light. It didn’t happen, so it’s in this lifetime my soul will bring finality to this vow and commitment made. I endured a horrific childhood at the hands of this cult. I was taken to rituals — the same ones that originated in Babylon thousands of years ago. These rituals are still being practiced by these cults and others. It has to stop. The truth needs to be brought to light about how children are being used in society.

I feel that one way that this can be proven is by finding these treasures. These treasures’ value is in what they mean and their historic value, the value that lies in these is the truth about humanity. This is about you. What is contained in my story and in these treasures is the truth that everybody knows is true, but just doesn’t have enough evidence to prove it.

If you find it in your heart to help me or to help humanity — all I ask you to do is share this post and any other post you feel is important. I ask you to do your own homework and your own healing.

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