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Thomas Paine Author & Revolutionary
Thomas Paine

My soul is not a stranger to writing for the masses. See once upon a time around the time that the foundation of the United States was coming into physical reality I was there writing. Writing for a purpose. The purpose of communicating to the masses about freedom and equality. Mind you today is January 10th, 2023 and I am only beginning my writing career in this lifetime. In a prior lifetime I was Thomas Paine and I knew that he wrote one of the first viral mass communications of his time, so I went to go check this on Google. Around if not on January 10th, 1776 Paine's "Common Sense" was published and released. What are the chances and coincidences of that happening? In my life there are not many coincidences - they are clues. My intention in writing this piece was to address my style of writing, which is not to talk down or above the common thread in which the majority of the collective's current understanding. As of right now, it's time for some to catch up with others at a different level and as this progressive energy and knowledge fill the collective and the collective is in agreement or alignment with things I write about then and only then will the level of my writing be elevated to and for those that may have knowledge or the capacity to digest the complexity of higher concepts of reality that is not widely written about yet. Just as Paine or I did as Paine - the style of writing has to come from understanding the nature of the current collective thinking and the empathy towards their desires. In other words, my writing must come from examining the hearts and minds of the collective - their heartbeat - what is the pulse of the current collective mindset? That's where Paine wrote from - the heart. That's where I will write from in order to help lay a new foundation for independence, freedom, equality, and a heart-based community. Here's some food for thought and research - why did Paine write "Common Sense"? What did "Common Sense" do for the collective at the time?

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