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Everything I do is aimed to help humans individual evolve into who they have always meant to be and the purpose that they are here to serve. Everything I do is to help others. 


My life purpose involves reaching the masses with whatever I feel called to share. Mostly my blogs are little stories of my experiences or thoughts about a particular subject. I am planning on recording an audio version of my blog through my audio podcast channels like spotify, apple, iheart radio, etc. 

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My podcast is going through a transformation currently. I have interviewed many authors, healers, and psychics about how they were called to their role to help humanity evolve. I have used this platform in various other ways to do the same. To me, this is a freestyle platform that I utilize much like my Blog. My podcast is available in video and audio on most podcast platforms.


My events page will highlight my online events that are most often free to the general public and these will be most likely be presented through my podcast. 

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