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Master in the Making

     This book was a personal achievement for me. As a child, I had aspirations of becoming an Author and idolized Judy Blume. Master in the Making is about my personal growth and development; and much more on different levels. I wrote this book to share my experiences of being in disbelief of the unseen and unknown that is by all accounts these things are true and real, it's just a matter of taking the time to explore the rabbit hole of self and how we relate to the world around us and the people in it. 

     During the period of time in which I had these experiences and really started to examine my life, I revisited those things that I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime and decided that it was time to put these things on a list of things to do before I turned fifty. I continually add more things to this list now that I am going on fifty-four years young. One of those things was to write and publish this book. Another was to learn to play the drums and play in a band. 

     This book is the beginning of self-actualization and waking up to a new awareness of who I am and the reality of this universe. I have gone back and read this book from time to time and have different takes - from it's a piece of shit to it's a brilliant piece of work with undertones of things that I wasn't even aware of being so deep. I originally dedicated this book to Parker and he never appreciated it. Years later I now know that there's a little story behind this because, in The Theory of 8, I find out that Parker and I had shared many lifetimes together and that he and I had written a book together. A very famous story that I began writing before I had died in a previous lifetime; after I died he channeled and wrote down the rest of the story. The original story has never been found, but there are multiple versions and copies of this story available on the internet and in your town's library.

     I am planning on doing a series of podcasts discussing my journey in Master in the Making with m audience that is interested in personal growth, history, and the unknown and unseen. If you would like to participate my book is available at all major online retailers and is available in multiple formats from print, digital, and audio. One day this book and The Theory of 8 will be made into movies.

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Chapter 1Master In the Making by Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson
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Audiobook Story

     When selecting a narrator to record the audio for Master in the Making I listened to but a handful of auditions. It was clear that Skylar Lace was "the one" for this book. I got chils listening to her voice and when I shared her audition with others they had gotten chills too.

     Later when Skylar had finished recording the book she sent me a note telling me that she knew the areas and places I had spoken about in my book, because she lived in California too. What a small world we live in when I hire somebody online and they end up living just down the street and around the corner so to speak. 

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