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Channeling: The Sumerian Star Map

My channeling session — the first thing I see is a midnight black sky with stars that look brighter than what we see today in the night sky. The stars have a silvery white glisten. There is a man working outside in an area that has a lot of flat stone surfaces. He is wearing something that looks like a Roman would wear. A short robe wrapped with a tied belt. He is wearing a head garland of golden leaves. To be honest, this channeling struck me as odd, so I had to stop and go back the next day. This man had a large wooden tool that was arched at the bottom. The arch was about a foot or two tall and pointed downwards so that the ends of the arches would rest parallel to the ground. At the center of the arch was a straight piece of wood somehow connected with some sort of tongue and groove construction. This straight piece of wood was about three feet long that connected to a smaller arch with the mouth facing upwards. This felt like a raw rudimentary tool for observing and studying the stars. Perhaps this would be similar to a compass because I did feel that this man was using this wooden tool to view the stars. I saw him walking from a residence to where he kept this instrument, also walking around this area and looking up into the sky. I see him using the instrument there is another piece to this tool and it is a wooden rod that he is placing in the small arch at the top and is pointing this rod into the sky. It makes sense that he is using this as a rudimentary compass.

He is using it to mark the positions on this round clay tablet. He was very concerned with what is in the upper middle left quadrant of this tablet. Somehow it is connected to the information that he is writing down on this tablet. I tried to hold the tablet in my hands. I did ask if this tablet was used for any travel or navigation by land or sea — it was not. This did serve another purpose to track the slight variations in the sky with stars because the stars, not just planets. The stars would indicate aspects that would affect what was on the tablet. I am getting that the tablet was done at that time so that this person could compare it to the sky over time. This was something that this man had a passion for.

I did not know much about the Sumerian Star Map, so this was an interesting channeling session that was very similar to what I could find out in online research after channeling. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give more unknown information that interested parties would like to know. I wonder if the instrument is something that could actually be used or was used at the time to have precise calculations of the stars.

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