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John Lennon Isn't Funny...

Original Artwork by Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson circa 1987 (Inspiration Jim Morrison's Drug Use. Misplaced portrait of John Lennon and he said it would be fine to use this piece instead.) In learning to channel the energy I have connected with many different energies from Buddha, and Christ, to various drummers including Neil Peart and John Bonham. I have had dearly departed friends visit me from time to time too, but what's more fun than meeting dead celebrities while doing channeling homework?

My formal channeling started back in 2017, but I didn't really start exploring until I was learning to channel the Akashic Records in 2021. One of my homework assignments was to channel a person's energy. I had already channeled those previously mentioned, so I thought it would be interesting to channel John Lennon. When I channeled John Lennon I felt this very serious energy come in. I said, "It's nice to meet you, John". And this is what I heard in response, "I wish I was still alive, so I could have met you in person". That was a very unsettling response to get in such a serious tone and I have to say that it wasn't what I was expecting from somebody that was such a big celebrity that had done so much for humanity. At that point, I knew my life purpose, but having John Lennon come through in a way made me feel that I was being respected and honored for doing something huge that I hadn't accomplished yet.

I didn't know exactly how to process this experience, but to take it at face value and approach it with humor, so the next few weeks I went around my apartment saying out loud that John Lennon wasn't funny as though I was telling John Lennon he wasn't funny showing up saying such things to me. One morning I was sitting at my kitchen table scrolling through music to play on YouTube and all of a sudden I felt spirits behind me like they were looking over my shoulders and watching me scroll through my phone. Then I heard a conversation take place. George Harrison said, "You know Paul is the next one to die, right?" Then John Lennon said "Ya, and that Ringo is going to be the last one to represent The Beatles". John said something to the effect that it was a pretty sad thing to have that sod represent the legacy of The Beatles. Then out of the corner of my kitchen, I hear Robin Williams say, "If you want to get the band back together you are going to need a drummer". (Meaning that once Paul dies and gets to the other side they are going to need a drummer.) This was John Lennon playing a joke on me and I still joke that he isn't funny. I know he will probably get the last word.

Since then I have had dead celebrities randomly pop in to have a conversation. Sometimes I feel like Ike in that episode of South Park where Ike sees dead celebrities. I have had Harry Nilsson and Joe Strummer come by to say some kind words and give support, because they do know what I am here to do and it's just an extension of what they had done in life with their music. Thanks for the music and inspiration!

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