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Pastlives, Reincarnation, & The Other Side

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

This is a subject that fascinates me and one of which I have had a bit of experience. My first experience with the other side was a paranormal experience was at six years old when I encountered my late Great Grandfather in his bedroom. I felt a gush of cold air and sensed his ghostly presence around me before he had tried to hug me in what was had been his bedroom. At six years old it was a lot to process. It made me nervous, because I had never been taught that these things were possible.

Years later when his Daughter, my Grandmother was in her last days my Great Grandfather had been lurking around a lot around in the house. It was the same house in which my Great Grandfather had lived. After my Grandmother and Grandfather passed my sons and I were working on remodeling the house. My oldest son had been in my Great Grandfathers bedroom - the very same bedroom I had my paranormal encounter years earlier. My son had come to me and told me he did not want to work in that room because it was creepy. I had never told my children about my experience as a child. I asked him if there was a certain spot in the room and show me where it was in the room. It was the exact same spot in which I had my childhood experience. Five years later I worked with a medium that said that my Great Grandfather had not crossed over and had been hanging around, because he wanted to let somebody know that he had another Daughter before he had my Grandmother. Nobody knew about this other Daughter. He had hidden a photo or a birth certificate in the wall that was evidence of this. To my knowledge these items are still hidden within that wall in the same spot my son and I had our paranormal creepy experiences. I helped my Great Grandfather cross over into the light. It was a simple acknowledgement of that other Daughters existence that released him. It was his choice to linger around the house for years until his attachment to this earthly plane had been resolved.

Picking up on ghostly presences has always been a strong psychic sense for me. I have probably had more than I acknowledge, because I shut down and/or ignored this sense for years. In 2016 my psychic senses were opening up as I was more allowing of these messages to come through. In fact, I had a lot of psychic experiences happen to me before I had really made a choice to follow my spiritual path. I significant experience while I had been working as a real estate agent while viewing a home for some clients I picked up three entities lurking about. My clients ended up purchasing the house and a few months later called me to ask if anybody had died in the house and shared their paranormal experiences of seeing shadows and things going missing. I do believe that these things were happening to me, so that I would choose to follow the spiritual path and develop my psychic skills.

My Great Grandfather and Grandmother associated with the house ended up in my energy as my guides. You would believe that this might be a good thing and that it is a loving gesture to have your loved ones in your energy because they are supposedly there to help and guide you. On the most part I do believe that this is the case, but there's always exceptions to the rule. Everybody including mediums and healers that work with the other side have their own take on what the other side is like, so what I am sharing is from my own perspective of working with the other side as well as being connected with my own past lifetimes. As I worked on my own healing I became aware that these two Grandparents had kept dark secrets about how they and other family members had abused me. They refused to talk to me about it and refused to give me a direct apology. Later I realized that they weren't helping me and they did not have any intentions of truly helping me. I had to make a hard decision to remove them from my energy and as my spirit guides and replace them with guides that had my best interests and highest good at the forefront; as my Grandparents had been operating by their own agendas. I did do this with forgiveness, love, and gratitude. These two souls weren't just part of my bloodline they were part of my soul family. A soul family that had been playing out a play for thousands of years. I consciously made the decision. I considered the repercussions of this and the impact that it may have on my current and future lifetimes and any contracts that I may have with them to help them with their soul's development. As far as generational healing I am not completely sold on this concept of healing up and down a family tree, but what I would say is that we are all individually responsible for healing our own soul and that we do have a soul family that helps us do this. I know this, because I have had a soulmate. My soulmate, (well at least one of my soulmates); and I were once one soul and we have played many roles for each other throughout our lifetimes with one another. He and I are in this lifetime together and although things haven't been easy or some sort of fairytale relationship he and I do love one another very much and I know that he has helped and I have helped him, because when we have met in person there is such a deep sense of unconditional love and respect. The relationships with my Grandparents is not the same although their souls have served a purpose to help me and my soul grow in order to accomplish the things that my soul had agreed upon.

My take on souls is that they are not instantly turned into angels and all light and love when they pass over. They are the same as they were when they were alive. I couldn't have people or spirit guides that had abused me while they were alive in my energy possibly continuing to force their will upon me rather than being there for me in the way that I needed them.

I do believe that our soul is an eternal energy that repeats the cycles of birth, life, death, and the afterlife; or in other words our souls live through many cycles of reincarnation. I do believe that our souls energy carries a lot of information of our previous experiences or incarnations. In my personal healing I have become very intimate with a few of my previous incarnations that I identify with on many different levels and my soulmate has known me through most of these lifetimes. I can't say that this is true for everybody else, but I had to get to know my previous incarnations; because I had to understand at least my lifetime as Enkidu (from The Epic of Gilgamesh) and that of Thomas Paine, because these two particular lifetimes have everything to do with what happened to me when I was eight years old. In these three lifetimes we have the same type of thoughts, mindset, persistence, passion, insatiable delight in the unknown, justice, independence, freedom, and equality. Our personality types are very similar as that we have the same thinking mind and sense of humor. I identify a lot with Thomas Paine. I giggle when I find out about something he had done while he was alive, because some of the things he did were simply brilliant and funny or funny because he was so brilliant. Enkidu, Thomas Paine, and myself had psychic abilities and all three of us used them in similar ways for the same reason on some of the same people that you could say are part of our soul family.

I don't think it's an absolute necessity to know about your past lives, but it was part of the so-called plan for my lifetime. If you are interested in knowing who you were or what you were like in a past life there may be deeper reason than simply having a desire to know. I do help people connect with their past lives through guided meditations, akashic records channeling, and remote viewing the past for clients. I only act as a conduit to assist people in this process and it is up to my clients to guide me to where they want to go and what they want to explore. It is also up to my clients to do work on their own to delve deeper with meditations to take repeated trips back to past life scenes. Are you ready to travel to your past lives?

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